Pandalus Borealis

The Pandalus Borealis, also known as the Northern shrimp, is mainly caught in the North Atlantic. It is a small shrimp, which naturally has a pinkish colour, close to its cooked colour. It is ideal for salads, kebabs or pan-fried dishes..

Species: Northern Shrimp – Pandalus Borealis

Freezing possible: IQF

Available cut-outs: HOSO, PD

Origin : FAO 27

  • Norway Drapeau Norvège / Norvégien monté sur une hampe en bois - DOUBLET

Seasonality: All year round with a peak between April and October

Colour after cooking: N/A

Best before: 24 months after freezing. Store below -18 degrees

Possible certifications: MSC  Polémique autour du label «MSC pêche durable»