Our Certifications : Our Quality Commitment

Our team seeks to ensure the highest quality and safety. Our certifications reflect this commitment.


The MSC label applies to wild fish or seafood from fisheries that have been certified as sustainable, according to the MSC standard. This label ensures the conservation of the marine environment, the sustainability of fish stocks and the effective and sustainable management of fisheries.

Certified MSC. N°MSC-C-50801

IFS Broker


The n°1 quality standard that ensures product quality and safety for importers and trading agencies.

Certified IFS Broker. COI 523525.


The ASC label guarantees our customers a sustainable management of our sectors as well as a controlled impact on ecosystems. ASC’s standards help to protect people and the environment, and they are focused on ensuring the sustainability of the aquaculture industry.

Certificate No.: ASC-C-01191

Certified Organic

Organic certification highlights a mode of production, breeding and processing, according to precise specifications, advocating practices that respect the environment.
We notably propose organic shrimps, mussels , trout and salmon.

N° of certificate : FR-BIO-10